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Compensation Intelligence Reimagined

Comp Navigator™

The right job at the best price

Career Navigator™ is your personal dashboard for compensation and career empowerment.

Level the playing field for compensation:

  • Discover your unique market-value for any role, at any company in tech
  • Share real-time pay intelligence reports to raise your pay prospects.

Quantify your career moves.

  • Score your current position/ company across key success factors.
  • Leverage Career Factors decision model to validate your gut when contemplating job moves

Career Navigator™ uses AI and recent job offers to bring a fresh view of dynamic compensation markets into focus. You won’t find these numbers anywhere else. These are virtually real-time, just like the stock market. Career Navigator™ creates true pay transparency by revealing actual bids, asks and closing prices to guide today’s job offers. The app empowers you to negotiate better deals. Display pay for comparable candidates and see companies’ compensation tendencies.

Right Job at the Best Price

Career Navigator™ is your co-pilot to achieve better career outcomes. Send your boss, or prospective employer real-time compensation market reports to catalyze the conversation. Take the guesswork out of the pay negotiation process. Say goodbye to unnecessary back-and-forth. Now you can focus on getting on with the deal and maximizing your pay.

With a single click, invite all stakeholders to Apollo.

ApolloFactor is pay intelligence for everyone:

Predicts for any individual company in tech

Customize by location, remote worker, or company division

Predicts across similar companies

In a single compensation tool, predict any role from Software Engineer to CEO

Create comparative reports in less than two minutes for up to any four roles

Give us your Feedback:

Upload your current, past or target compensation to improve Career Navigator’s pay guidance. This builds your case and refines the market. Tell us what you find.