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Compensation Intelligence Reimagined.

Real-time accuracy for today’s dynamic job market

CompEdge™ harness the power of AI.

Built on AI-market intelligence, CompEdge™ delivers real-time market pay data for more than 2000 titles at 16,000+ companies in tech. You can filter data by size, stage and region. CompEdge™ delivers both a competitive tool and benchmarking solution wrapped into one. Market Monitor can monitor pay for any role in tech across micro-market spaces, experience levels, valuation and talent rank.

Martket Monitor

Take the guesswork out of compensation

You can dial-in market compensation for a single role, or coupled with the Market Tracker insights tool you can drill-down on employee compensation metrics across departments, or for your entire company. CompEdge’s Compensation Intelligence module is the first to show comparisons for employee pay to these important compensation benchmarks:
  • Market compensation for your company in today’s job market
  • Market pay at any one of 16,000+ companies
  • Your Competitor’s Pay Index allows customization of a cohort of your competitors for Talent.

Unique Technology Roles


Accuracy on average


Job offers exceed salary surveys

Most job offers are best-guess estimates. But imprecise offers cost candidates and companies serious cash. Improving job offers by just 5% can create thousands of dollars more value for candidates and big savings for companies that consistently overpay.

Getting compensation right matters.



First compensation tool to predict total pay for both public and private companies.



Only compensation tool to predict the latest market pay rates in today’s job market.



With just a few clicks, CompEdge empowers users to predict by company, stage or location.



CompEdge uniquely generates market pay, comparative and top 100 roles reports to share.

Market Tracker

With the Market Tracker tool you can see a competitive view of your people and People Analytics. Evaluate your talent in the context of your competitors, industry cohort, or even with Market Value.
Here’s a comparison of your employees’ compensation with your Competitor’s Pay Index: a customized cohort of your competitors for talent:

Your Top Talent
in Your Pocket

When everyone aligns on the MarketValue™ for a role, companies, recruiters, and candidates can quickly agree on pay and collaborate in the executive hiring process.

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