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Prevent attrition before it is too late.

Retention is a team sport

CompEdge™ delivers a team approach to change the game for talent retention.

How It Works

CompEdge™ is a retention management platform built on employee experience, compensation and team feedback.

It starts with employee Voice:


a confidential feedback and communication tool for employees to share their unvarnished feedback on their experience in their current role. Voice enlightens managers, HR/ People and executives to engage and raise their leadership game.

Next, capture Voice, then measure and display a Retention Score:


captures 30 factors of employee voice, tenure and compensation. It delivers a retention score personalized for each employee. Guides managers to engage and take action.

Now, report scores on manager performance to learn and evolve.


a performance dashboard to inspire positive change for managers and team leaders.

CompEdge™ is built on 30 factors of retention across engagement, compensation and employee feedback.

Voice is built on Personalized Employee Experience

It drives the talent retention score, which in turn, highlights at-risk talent

Voice catalyzes the  conversation:

  • CompEdge™ Voice reveals core employee satisfaction and root causes of retention and performance
  • Invites dialogue between managers and employees
  • Resolves misalignments and key blockers
  • For the first time it incorporates compensation into the retention conversation

Attrition is preventable



“Voluntary turnover costs US businesses $1T”

Gallup Research

Turnover is Preventable

“52% of exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving.”

Gallup Research

Bridging the Communications Gap

“51% of exiting employees say in the 3 months before they left, neither their manager nor any other leader spoke with them about job satisfaction or their future with the organization.”

Gallup Research

CompEdge™ captures core employee satisfaction and instantly catalyzes the conversation 52% of exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job.

CompEdge™ shows management who is at-risk for leaving in the next 6 months.

“Talent Intelligence is the key to the future of work.”

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst Forrester Research
“CompEdge™ is an amazing resource for compensation intelligence. The transparency and market insights make everyone involved smarter which leads to greater efficiencies for both hiring teams and candidates.”

Allyson Campa

Career Coach Aligned Career
“I checked out your app CompEdge it looks very cool and provides some great data.”

Anthony Bear

CEO Humanity Media inc

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